When the draupadi was being insulted in the court of Kurus, she naturally turned to elder statesman Bhishma, asking that whether the henious act being perpetrated by Duryodhana and Duhshasana was in accordance with dharma.

Bhisma’s reply was evasive..

“..the course of morality is subtle. Even the illustrious wise in this world fail to understand it always. What in this world a strong man calls morality is regarded as such by others, however otherwise it may really be; but what a weak man calls morality is scarcely regarded as such even if it be the highest morality. From the importance of issue involved, from its intricacy and subtitlity, I am unable to answer with certitude the question thou hast asked…”

Source: Sabha Parva, canto 69, verses 15 – 16, Translated by Kisari Mohan Gaunguli


Welcoming with all in Same Spirit 2011 without asking for WHY

New Year 2011 wish for All

A Short Case for Domain of Knowledge Administration Governance & HR Issues in Public Funded Academic Orgs Human Resource, Capacity Building and Ethics being practiced in Public Funded Academic Organizations

An Institution Blessed with All Possible Powers by Destiny – for – Humble Objective of turning Society in to a Value Based, Principled, Ethical besides Providing Knowledge and Skills to Them for Sustaining their Life and be a Law Abiding Citizens. The creation called Human can always play devils part. CASE: Human Resource, Capacity Building and Ethics being Practiced in Public Funded Academic Organizations of Repute : Perhaps Grooming place of Corrupt and Un Ethical Acts: None other Institution alone can render whole of Working Population of Any Nation in totality and alone.

An individual faculty member of an esteemed academic institution has come to know by discovering some relevant information that a lot of unwanted activities are being executed in the institution she/he serves, and in process she/he was also made to suffer in manner significantly damaging the career of individual.  If the same information is disclosed to executives, media or public, the situation may turn more damaging to the individual faculty member itself. The same may happen due to possibility that may be resultant of concerned individuals with the issue may deliberately force the administration by providing it with maligned or forged information, which may make administration believe and consequently  take it as a case of deliberate attempt to malign the image of the Institution. Certainly the act may manifest in causing some dent to image of Institution, but if the problem resolved, will save the institution from a certain death in near future, as the same concerns the important and vital component of the end product delivered by the organization. The success of the organization in future will be ensured by the same and that too, in an accelerated manner, due turning capable of delivering quality education and skill development, as per expectations of society. Till date the same faculty member has silently brought the same to the notice of concerned authorities but they have tuned deaf. Despite of having been asked by a prudent top executive of the Institution to clearly put the issue, so that same is resolved, the faculty member concerned has never initiated the issue, thinking that any transition may result in sufferings of its most vital stakeholders who happen to be the students. Thus, even without any application of external force (certainly the internal threats keep continuously being issued to cause a nervous breakdown) such act is being voluntarily adopted by her/him with a good intension of letting the organization achieve its task, even if it means, some material suffering to her/him in form of low wages getting paid to her/ him. The people, who happen to be in executive duty, despite of being aware, are not trying to correct the situation by themselves. If the same gets initiated by executives themselves, then the situation can be improved in an efficient manner and that too without creating any explosive or damaging situation. The situation is that nobody is attempting to act on the issue and is giving an impression to top executives of the Institution as everything very normal, maintained and routine.

1. Assuming that you happen to be the individual concerned, comment on situation as initiatives that you would like to initiate to control such issue.

2. Assuming that you happen to be the concerned executive, comment on situation as initiatives that you would like to initiate to control such issue.

Always Yours — As Usual — Irrational Man in Rational Looks

Picture Showing A Rack containing Hard Bound Books

A Rack containing Hard Bound Books

As Promised They are revealing – No Under Cloth, No Cleavage View But View Inside the Heart and Soul

As Promised — Probably Posts have started to flow. Yes they certainly took more tine time than expected.

They are very revealing – No Under Cloth, No Cleavage View!,

It reveals thought process and doings of individuals trusted with the job of nation building; by the way of grooming individuals in turning them most effective managers.

Come, I will show you, many of them have forgotten to spell the word Managerial –  at the same time dangerously depressed too.

Why it is so?

1. We can not expect every one to be perfect, then too, forgery, fraud, misrepresentation, providing false information, to bodies viz,

a. Meeting of Board of never held, but decision of Faculty Meeting and its resolutions confirmed and posted to PG Faculty and then to Academic Council and Passing all the rules; certain illiterate persons, who are still far away from being civilized

b. Registrar and PG Faculty

a. Academic Council

c. Thus to Hon,ble Vice _ Chancellor

……Start of the Story……Characters Introduced

The Birth of Cleavage or Dichotomy

Soon you would find earth turning hot below the boot!

Always Yours  As Usual – —– Irrational Man

TERRAFUGIA TRANSITION- An Example of another Irrational Individual Succeeding in His Dreams

Can you Believe that I Recently met the Rationality which itself was in Disarray: A Case of EURO & EURO ZONE


A Chill down the Spine & resultant Shuddering Cadence in Voice of United States Economy: “Is it recession knocking at the doors…”

Recap of Act- 1 of the play……..just for linking the thread…..of continuum…to….Act-2 ….
Welcoming the audience to the play titled “Is it a spiral of recession knocking at the doors…”

The stage….United States of America….. & lead actor…..United States Economy…..it’s year 2007…midway…..







Euro-US-DOLLAR - Does possibility of SWAP Exists


A small financial earthquake with Greece as its epicenter has suddenly exposed the vulnerability of EURO [€] which till now on all the positive sentiments and emotions was growing from strength to strength. The experts started murmuring as if ‘€’ was heading to replace US $ as a world currency. To utter surprise, these murmurings were not ensuing any sudden discovery of some hidden attribute of ‘€’ that made it invincible. Comprehending the reasons leading to such developments was not less than any enigma for people, save those experts. In absence of any rationale, the rationality was even in fix. Now it was turning extremely important and urgent to search the reasons behind it. Any rational individual can never be in rest having landed in a state of permanent disorientation.

But then curiosity has its own merits. So if nothing positive was happening in euro zone and particularly with ‘€’ itself, then the next probable reason could be hunted in happening of something negative at a greater rate with any of its counterparts.

Search on these lines started yielding positive developments very soon. Probably it had much do with the sense of insecurity created as a consequence of turbulence, aftershocks created due to grounding of giants of US economy and resultant acceleration of volatility in market value of US Dollar.

US-Dollar-in-Transition & Probably Economy Too

US-Dollar-in-Transition & Probably Economy Too

The Greece debacle had proved the inability of ‘€’ zone in managing with, what is known as Sovereign Debt Crisis.

The symptoms hidden under the curtain and therefore out of site were of much more grave nature than those of U S economy. Any experienced hands could have easily felt that the Average – Debt – to- GDP ratio that was exhibited by Euro Zone to feel comfortable was not a homogenous outcome.

It is sheltering a great difference in the way of lack of any mechanism, when it comes to deal with a situation termed sovereign debt crisis. The feel of it alone was capable enough to cause a crack in smooth warm smile.

Here I stop myself to let you feel the second dip of recession. The actors and stage both have changed probably for the time being.

So, to remind you,

It’s being once again repeated that the

stage now happens to be Europe [€ Zone],

& the participating actors would be economies of nations forming € Zone.

We will meet once again after the end of this act to see how the story ends or is it unfolding of just another act.

So you are welcome to……the year…2010….spring…..

—— So please let me know your feedback & Comments — As Usual Irrational Man